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Want to buy Phentermine? Read the following text and we'll answer all the questions you have. If you want to buy Phentermine, you probably want to know more about this medication. Sure, who wants to buy a pig in a poke? That's why here we'll weigh pros and cons of this drug and tell you where and how to buy Phentermine. So, let's start!

To begin with, Phentermine is a stimulant. It affects your CNS (central nervous system) thus reduces your appetite. Of course, such effect leads to weight loss. Phentermine releases norepinephrine, which is an organic chemical, in neurons. It also releases such chemicals and neurotransmitters as dopamine and serotonin, and all these chemical reactions immediately lead to the reducing of your appetite. Phentermine also effects on chemicals, such as adrenaline, outside the brain — and that's how your fat cells stop storing fat.

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Well, enough with chemistry, right? In simple words, Phentermine is very similar to amphetamine and, as we've already said, it not only reduces your appetite but influences your fat cells so your body will not store fat — it will burn it. Of course, if you want the best result, you have to combine taking Phentermine with fitness and diet — that's how your results will be extremely good! That is why we highly recommend you to combine diet, sport and Phentermine to lose weight fast.

Looks like an ideal appetite suppressant and an ideal weight loss pill, doesn't it? Yes, and that's not the end. If you want to buy Phentermine just to lose weight, you will be surprised — your mood will be improved (remember what we've said about dopamine and serotonin?), your energy level will increase and your learning capacity will increase, too! Moreover, this medication is also good for those who want to control anxiety.

The normal dosage of Phentermine is 37.5mg (although you can find 30mg and 15mg generics of it). You can find capsules and tablets of Phentermine — capsules are half grey and half blue, while tablets are white, with green or blue spots. By the way, the brand names of Phentermine in the USA are Qsymia and Adipex P. Talk to your doctor to choose the right dosage and brand, because they differ — Qsymia is a combination of Phentermine with Topiramate, anticonvulsant medication.

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Phentermine has been approved for weight loss by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States, so you have nothing to fear — Phentermine is safe and legal. You can buy it in every pharmacy or in the Internet — it's available for sale in such places. But we'll talk about buying drugs in the Internet a little later. Now let's talk about the possible problems related to Phentermine. You didn't think a drug that is almost similar to amphetamine has no disadvantages, did you?

Well, it's not so bad, really. If you've decided to buy Phentermine, you should know that it's a prescription-only drug, which means you have to consult with your doctor and get a prescription written by him before you will be able to buy it. We understand that there are lots of websites which offer to buy Phentermine without a prescription, but we don't recommend you to work with such online pharmacies. Usage of such medications can be dangerous for your health, because it can be a fake drug.

Due to the similarity to amphetamine, this medication is addictive (as you might have supposed). The symptoms of addiction are different — you may feel bad without taking a pill, or (that is more common) it may appear when you stop using Phentermine. If you stop using it, and then feel bad, feel pain in bones and, what's more important, if you feel restless — that's most likely an addiction. The first thing you should do in such a case is to call your doctor and tell him about it. If the addiction is quite strong, you'll maybe need to go to rehab even. If you want to avoid addiction, you should be careful with this drug — don't take more than prescribed and don't stop taking Phentermine suddenly, it may lead to such a problem.

The other problem of such drugs (and Phentermine isn't an exception) is possible side effects. We are sure that people who want to buy Phentermine should know about these effects and how to cope with them.

There are, actually, three categories of Phentermine side effects — light, moderate (mild) and severe. The first category includes insomnia (when you take a pill in the evening) and dry mouth (very common side effect). Mild effects are headache (if it's due to Phentermine, you have to stop taking it right now), diarrhea and nausea (call your doctor if you feel something like this). Talking about severe problems we may list hallucinations, pain in your back, pain in lungs, arrhythmia or sexual problems. If anything is going wrong, you have to call 911 and then your doctor as soon as possible — it may save your life.

So, how to buy Phentermine? You can go to a local drugstore, or you can buy it in the Internet. The second option is much more interesting because buying drugs online can save your time and money — all you have to do is to fill a few fields and confirm the order. You don't need to leave your home to make an order, and we think that it's very convenient.

One more thing must be said. Although you can buy Phentermine online without a prescription, we don't recommend you to do it, because this medication can be dangerous. It can influence heart valves, and without doctor's control it can really damage your health. Is it really worth it?

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